"When I talk with children's pastors and leaders and ask 'What curriculum do you use on weekends?', Discovery Land is one of three that I have found usually gets a second sentence--something to the effect of '...and I love it!' ”
Larry Fowler - Executive Director of Global Networking at Awana and Kidzmatter

“Sunday #3 of Discovery Land at Westview and things could not be better. Huge success!”
Ray Carr - Children’s Pastor, Westview Alliance

“The Discovery Land Program has literally been a blessing to our church and volunteers in our Sunday School. As a leader, I am very pleased with the way the teaching material goes through quarterly reviews. This is a great way to analyze how the children are learning and to evaluate methods. Thank you for making this material available to us!”
Laura Bjork - Children’s Ministry Coordinator, Living Hope Community Church

“Discovery Land facilitates an understanding of all of Scripture for the children and families at our church. DL integrates our Sunday morning children’s ministry with our Wednesday night AWANA program in a way that we had only dreamed about for years. The possibilities provided by the Know, Think, Do & Feel Right format for integrated instruction are endless.

This program has also helped to strengthen the tie between ministry at church and instruction at home. By having all grade levels looking at the same material on a week-to-week basis, parents are more able to be involved in and lead their children’s discovery of eternal treasures from God’s Word.”

Brent Costelllo - Associate Pastor, Menomonie Alliance Church

“As a DL/AWANA Parent, what a difference I see in my kids! Last week, one [of my kids] beaded wordless book bracelets and gave them to her sister to pass out to kids while we were out grocery shopping! As a DL volunteer I'm encouraged to be part of this, as a parent, I am SO BLESSED and so are my kids. “
Discovery Land Parent

"I strongly believe that Discovery Land is the most effective and most reproducible children's ministry available anywhere. I have watched it spiritually transform the lives of 100's of children. It is also a powerful ministry tool in the lives of parents as they follow-up with their kids."
Jeff Brown - District Superintendent, Western Great Lakes District of the C&MA