I'm Interested, What Now?

We are glad you are interested in DLGlobal! Because of the unique partnerships involved and because we want the very best for your ministry, we work with each church individually to answer your questions and help you determine if it’s a good fit. Our experience has taught us DL Global is effective in many different church environments, but a church with the following characteristics is most likely to have a successful DL Global program:

  • A true heart and passion to reach kids for Christ, through a clear Gospel presentation and to train Biblically literate disciples who live their lives for Christ

  • Leadership that supports children’s ministry

  • A committed Discovery Land Coordinator who is willing to invest in training on the curriculum and has administrative gifting

  • The ability to send one or more people to a one-time DLGlobal training in Appleton, WI

  • At least a small budget to purchase supplies and materials (many activities can be adapted based on what you have available)

If this sounds like your church, please fill out the following information below and a DL Global representative will contact you shortly.

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